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Barrow County Warrant Search

Database Update on December 09, 2023

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Barrow County Warrant Search Barrow County Warrant Search Keep you & your family safe. Learn how to do a Barrow County warrant search, Georgia. Find prison records. Use this website's advanced background check tool
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Learn How to Find Barrow County Warrant Search

The aim of this article is help you check the criminal background of people that are important to you by explaining you how to perform a Barrow County warrant search and how to find arrest records.

What are arrest warrants and why you should search them?

Barrow County warrants give any law enforcement agent the authority to arrest a person who is believed to be involved in a criminal activity. The police cannot issue a warrant by themselves. They must convince a judge to sign it, but once it is issued, it remains valid until served, in other words, until the suspect is apprehended.

That is why, it is important to find out whether there is an arrest order on your name or on the name of the individual you are checking.

Starting your search

The most obvious place to do a Barrow County warrant search is the sheriff. Since there is no online database available to the public on his website, you will have to conduct your investigation by visiting his office (Administration Annex, 233 East Broad Street, Winder, Georgia 30680)

You can also submit an online record request (find link on the right bar on the sheriff's website). Their fee is $0.10 per page. For additional details, dial 770-307-3080 ext 3095.

Searching at the court archives

There is also an option to run a Barrow County warrant search using the court's database. Visit the office of the Clerk of Superior Court (652 Barrow Park Drive, Suite B, Winder, GA 30680) and ask for copies of court dockets. You will need to hand in an Open Record Request. To learn more, call them at 770-307-3035.

Doing a statewide background check

To perform a warrant lookup in other counties, refer to the online felon search maintained by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Type a person's name to get a full account of his/her criminal history. This service costs $15 for every inquiry.

Running an arrest search

Unfortunately, there is no official online tool that displays Barrow County arrest records. You will need to use a broader database. We recommend the online offender query maintained by the GDC. It presents Georgia prison records. It contains data from all the state's correctional facilities.

Another recommended background check tool

A highly effective way of doing a Barrow County warrant search, as well as conducting a background check that encompasses all of Georgia's counties, is using the electronic inquiry tool puts at your disposal. Enter a name and you will receive an elaborate criminal history report which unfolds incarceration history, warrants, and police and criminal records. All inquiries are completely anonymous.