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Database Update on July 22, 2024

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Catoosa County Warrant Search Catoosa County Warrant Search Step by step guidelines for a Catoosa County warrant search, GA. Use this website's search tool to perform a background check on people that matter to you.
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Performing a Catoosa County Warrant Search - Useful Guidelines

Do you really think you know the people around you? Can you be 100% that your children's babysitter has a clean record? Is the person you have been dating in the last month or two is not a former criminal? The following article will help you find out whether the people in your life have a criminal history. We will show you how to run a Catoosa County warrant search or how to find arrest records.

Let's start with explaining how to do a warrant lookup

The sheriff office is where you should begin your Catoosa County warrant search. Their Record Division is in charge of processing and storing the civil and criminal data the office receives, including warrants and arrest orders issued by the court.

You should pay them a visit and turn to the Data Entry Clerk for warrant information. Their address is 5842 US-41, Ringgold, Georgia 30736, phone number: 706-935-2424. You can reach them on email at  

They are usually willing to reveal what they know about wanted people out of public safety considerations. They are also convinced that working together with the community will assist them in tracing and capturing fugitives and closing open cases faster.

Using the court's resources to inquire about Catoosa County arrest warrants   

All arrest orders must be authorized by the court. Their criminal record archives, therefore, contain valuable information that will definitely assist you in your background check.

To perform a Catoosa County warrant search, you will have to turn to the Clerk of Courts (800 Lafayette Street, Ringgold, GA 30736, phone number: 706-965-2500) and submit an open record request. Their homepage (refer to the link below) contains an official form you will have to fill out.

Georgia Open Records Act gives you the right to view governmental dockets, including criminal ones. Unless we are talking here about an open case which is still under active investigation or a case involving minors, the authorities will have no problem giving you access to their records the moment you file a formal request.

Accessing the state's online criminal database

You can also carry out a Catoosa County warrant search by resorting to broader databases. The most recommended one is the Georgia Felon Search maintained by the GBI (GA Bureau  of Investigation). This online inquiry tool will provide you with criminal history information (including felony convictions) on any person living in the state. Each search costs $15.

It is quite affordable if you are checking about 1 person. When you have to run a couple of searches, it can become quite expensive.

Conducting an arrest search

To find out about a person's incarceration history, refer to the current inmate list presented on the sheriff's website.

To obtain information on older Catoosa  County arrest records, contact the sheriff's Detention Division and ask about a specific detainee that might have been held in jail in the past. Their phone number is 706-965-6862. An email address you can use is

If you want to conduct a wider search that will show you Georgia arrest records, go to the electronic offender search on the website of the state's Department of Corrections. You will need to enter an inmate's name to get results. Adding parameters such as gender, race, age and most recent institution (in case you know it) will get you more relevant results.

Tracing former sex offenders

If you are interested in checking whether a person has ever been convicted of a sex crime, refer to the official GA sex offender registry. You can define your search according to a person's name, offender and offense type, gender, race and, most importantly, area radius based on county, city, street and ZIP code.

This website's search tool

If your time is precious to you and you do not want to waste it on doing a background check by turning to so many sources, we recommend the search tool on this website. By typing a subject's name (no need for more than that), you will get an accurate and updated report unfolding his or her criminal history.

You can use this website's search tool for a Catoosa County warrant search. It also shows arrest records, conviction records, court records, prior sex offenses and more. each search is strictly anonymous. That is to say, the one being checked will not know about it. The fee for this service is highly affordable.

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