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Chatham County Warrant Search

Database Update on December 09, 2023

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Chatham County Warrant Search Chatham County Warrant Search Learn how to perform a Chatham County warrant search, GA. Find out how to check a person's criminal history on a local level and in the entire state.
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How to Run a Chatham County Warrant Search

A Chatham County warrant search will tell you if the person whose background you are checking is suspected of being involved in an illegal activity and is, therefore, wanted by the authorities. Conducting such a search is not a difficult task as the following lines illustrate.

Where should I begin my warrant lookup?

Chatham County warrants are processed and executed by the sheriff, so you ought to turn to them for updated information. They are located on 1050 Carl Griffin Dr, Savannah, Georgia 31405. The phone number of their Public Information Office is 912-652-7613 or 912-652-7682.

Where can I find Chatham County arrest records

To inquire about arrests made in the county, refer to the sheriff's website where you will be able to see bookings from the last 24 and 72 hours. For older Chatham County jail records, you should contact the local detention facility. They have a special unit that deals with such records. They can be reached at 912-652-7734

Are there other governmental bodies I can turn to for information on arrest warrants?

You can do a Chatham County warrant search using the resources of Clerk of Court. Since arrest orders are signed by the court, the Clerk may have the information you require. Turn to their Criminal Records Manager at 912-652-7203.

Furthermore, on the Clerk's website, there is an electronic case search tool that allows you to get copies of civil and criminal court records.

How can I do a statewide background check?

To inquire about Georgia warrants and arrest records use the online felon search managed by the GBI. For a fee of $15, you can acquire criminal history records of any individual living in the state.

What is the purpose in doing a criminal background check?

Some of the people you engaged with on a daily basis may have a criminal history that may endanger you, your loved ones or your business. A Chatham County warrant search combined with an arrest inquiry will help you trace these people so you can avoid them and make your life safer.

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