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Cherokee County Warrant Search

Database Update on May 19, 2024

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Cherokee County Warrant Search Cherokee County Warrant Search Specific guidelines for performing a Cherokee County warrant search, Georgia. Check yours or another person's criminal history record easily and quickly.
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Guidelines for a Cherokee County Warrant Search

If you plan to do a Cherokee County warrant search, you should read this article. It points out the best sources you can use for your search.

Where should I inquire about Cherokee County warrants?

The sheriff office enables you to file a request to view a person's criminal history. You will be required to fill out a form that can be downloaded on the sheriff's website (You will find it under "Criminal History Request"). You will have to specify the reason for your will to do a background check. For further clarifications, you can call the Open Records Officer at 678-493-4172 or the Warrant Unit at 678-493-4291.

What about an arrest search?

The sheriff's website does not have an online inmate search tool. So to obtain information on Cherokee County jail records you had better call the local jail at 678-493-4200.

Who else can I turn to for information on warrants issued in the county?

Another viable alternative for a Cherokee County warrant search is the Clerk of the Superior Court. Since all orders of arrest need the approval of the court, the Clerk's office is a good place to conduct your inquiry.

The Clerk's website offers a criminal search (under Docket Search, Search Copies) through which you can look for court records by case number or by the subject's name.

Is there any state database I can use for a warrant lookup?

A Cherokee County warrant search can be performed using a wider state-operated database. The felon search offered by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation enables you to get criminal history record information on any individual living in all of GA counties. You need to register for this online service and issue a payment of $15 per person checked.

Why should I do a Cherokee County warrant search?

Be advised, Cherokee County warrants (no different than any other warrant issued in other counties) remains valid indefinitely. That means that if there is an arrest order with your name on it, you are at risk of being incarcerated at any given moment. To avoid unnecessary surprises, you had better check if you have any unresolved issues with the law. The check itself is simple, easy and quick.

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