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Clayton County Warrant Search

Database Update on December 09, 2023

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Clayton County Warrant Search Clayton County Warrant Search Find out how to perform a Clayton County warrant search, GA. Learn which sources can help you check a person's criminal background in the county & state.
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How to Do a Clayton County Warrant Search

Is there an outstanding warrant for your arrest that you don't know about? Are people you interact with on a regular basis wanted by the police for a crime they've committed in the past? The only way to know that is to perform a Clayton County warrant search. The following lines show how to do it.

Where can I inquire about Clayton County warrants?

Your first destination for a Clayton County warrant search is the sheriff office. Since they don't have an online database presenting the county's fugitives and wanted people, you can either visit them in person at 9157 Tara Blvd. Jonesboro, GA 30236 or try to obtain the information on the phone by calling the Warrant Division at 770-477-4480.

They will most likely be reluctant to give information on the phone, but in person, they will have no problem revealing what they know about wanted suspects in the county out of considerations of public safety.

How can I carry out an arrest search?

The sheriff office is also the right place to obtain copies of Clayton County arrest records. Call 770-477-4413 for jail information.

Are there any other sources I can use to do a warrant lookup?

The Clerk of Superior Court processes all court procedures including arrest orders. Therefore, it will be a good idea to use them for a Clayton County warrant search. On their website (under "services") you will find an online criminal court case inquiry based on a name search and a case search. This tool may save you the time going to their office in person.

What state resources can I use for a criminal background check?

If you are interested in expanding your inquiry to include all of Georgia warrants, refer to the felon search operated by the GA Bureau of Investigation. Checking a person's background statewide costs $15 per search. You need to know the subject's name and date of birth.

Why should I bother to check a person's criminal history?

A Clayton County background check is a must to make sure you and your loved ones keep away from people that may put you at risk. Suppose that you own a small business, wouldn't you want to avoid hiring an employee with a criminal record? If you are going on a blind date, will it not be safe to avoid seeing a person who is wanted by the police? These are only two examples, but there are many more. The ground rule is simple: do all in your power to keep out of harm's way.

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