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Cobb County Warrant Search

Database Update on July 21, 2024

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Cobb County Warrant Search Cobb County Warrant Search Find out if you or anyone you know is wanted by the police. Learn how to perform a Cobb County warrant search, Georgia. Follow these simple instructions
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Learn How to Carry out a Cobb County Warrant Search

This article shows How to perform a Cobb County warrant search. You will become familiar with the most relevant sources that will help you with your search.

What is the primary source for finding Cobb County warrants?

The Records and Identification Department at sheriff office provides criminal background check services, so this is the best place to carry out a Cobb County warrant search. To obtain information, you have to visit them in person (1825 County Services Parkway, Marietta, Georgia 30008, phone: 770499-4230).

Searchers are required to leave personal details, such as name and social security number. A fee is also required (0.25 cents per page for a local check or a total of $15 for a statewide check)

What additional criminal background information can I find at the sheriff office?

By pressing the Inmate search button on the sheriff website, you will able to look for Cobb County arrest records. An online inquiry tool enables you to trace people incarcerated during the last 30 days by name, serial or SOID.

Where else can I perform my investigation?

To expand your Cobb County warrant search, we also recommend turning to the Clerk of the Superior Court as they are responsible for processing and maintaining all criminal files issued in the county.

On the Clerk's website, you will find a court records inquiry tool that displays criminal cases by name, case number, case type and other parameters, such as pleading type or name of attorney.

Are there any online warrant databases managed by the state?

A Cobb County warrant search can be performed by accessing the GA Felon Search (see link below). With this tool, you can track a person's criminal history statewide. Each individual checked costs $15. The data arrive directly from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Why should you do a warrant lookup?

Cobb County warrants authorize the police to incarcerate a person anytime and anywhere, so you had better make sure there isn't any outstanding arrest order with your name on it.

What is more, a simple Cobb County warrant search will make sure you and those you care for do not get in touch with people who are wanted by the police. This can be crucial especially when you want to hire a nanny for your kids or go on a date with a person you don't really know.

Be advised, Cobb county arrest warrants do not expire. They remain legally valid until served. That is to say, until the suspect is taken into custody. For this reason, you should make certain there isn't any outstanding arrest order against you from the past that may come back and haunt you at the present or in the future.

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