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Colquitt County Warrants

Database Update on July 22, 2024

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Colquitt County Warrants Colquitt County Warrants Learn how to search for Colquitt County warrants, GA. Utilize this site’s search tool to carry out a full background check on people that interest you.
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Specific Instructions to Help You Find Colquitt County Warrants

Colquitt County warrants are issued when the police suspect a person has committed an offense that justifies denying him his freedom. Yet the police don’t have this authority. Only a judge can sign a warrant that will give the police a green light to apprehend that person.

The following article will guide you through the process of warrant search meant to help you find out whether a person who matters to you is wanted for a crime he has allegedly committed.

Starting your inquiry

The primary source for a Colquitt County warrant search is the sheriff. You will need to arrive at his office where you can inquire about a specific individual. The office is located at 200 Veterans Parkway N.Moultrie, Georgia 31776, phone: 229-616-7430. Once you are there, we recommend referring to the Investigation Division.

Another place to search for Colquitt County warrants is the Moultrie police Department. They have information on suspects and fugitives within their area of jurisdiction. We suggest calling their Criminal Investigation Unit (229-985-3131, 229-616-7470) to inquire about the individual that interests you. They may ask you to visit their office, so you can set an appointment.

Addressing the court directly

As mentioned above, the court is where arrest orders are signed and validated, so it makes sense to conduct a Colquitt County warrant search using their criminal archives.

We recommend going  to the Clerk of Court’s office (9 South Main St, 2nd Floor, Room 214, Moultrie, GA 31768, phone:229-616-7420) and filing a FOIA request to access public records. The Georgia Open Records Act obligates governmental offices in the state to reveal documents in their position to the public, including criminal records.

Inquiring about a person’s incarceration history

Colquitt County warrants will not disclose any information pertaining to a person’s arrest history. To find out if a person that you know has ever been apprehended by the police or spent time in the local jail, you will have to obtain arrest records.

Unfortunately, you will not find an online jail rooster on the sheriff’s website (in contrast to other sheriff websites in the state). So we suggest contacting the local correctional center for information on Colquitt County arrest records. They can be reached at 200 South Vadenberg Drive Moultrie Georgia 31738, phone: 229-616-7490.

Using the state’s databases for a criminal background check

To carry out a more extensive Georgia warrant search, use the comprehensive criminal database managed by the GBI. You will be able to inquire about the criminal history of people of interest to you getting data from the state’s law enforcement agencies. Each person you will search will cost you 15 dollars.  The database can be accessed at

To conduct a statewide inmate search, utilize the GDC’s offender database. Each online record includes an inmate’s physical description and mugshot as well as GDC ID, case number, arrest and future release date, the institution where he is held and offense description. The GDC’S database also gives information on parolees. To access it go to

This website’s criminal history search tool

You can also garner information on Colquitt County warrants using this website’s inquiry tool. All you need to do is provide a person’s name and you will be shown a full criminal history report issued on this person. In this report you will find warrant information, arrest records, police and criminal records, court dockets as well as civil records.

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