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Database Update on May 19, 2024

Texas Arrest Warrants
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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions What is was built for the purpose of enabling you to carry out a bac
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is was built for the purpose of enabling you to carry out a background check on anyone residing in Georgia and in the entire U.S.A.

The website offers you a highly advanced search tool you can utilize to check if you or someone else you know has an outstanding arrest warrant, arrest record or criminal record carrying his name. In addition, our search tool includes civil dockets, such as property, marriage/divorce and death records.

We are guided by the US Freedom of Information Act and Georgia Open Record Act which give the public full right to view records held by the government. These laws enable you to check whether people that matter to you have a criminal history that might jeopardize you, your family or your business.   

What does our service include?

Our online search tool will provide you with a detailed report containing criminal and civil records. You will be able to view a person's full name, aliases, date of birth, phone number, address history, relatives, neighbors and social network. Civil records include property, marriage/divorce and death records.

Our criminal search will cover arrest warrants issued against the person being searched as well as police records, arrest records, and criminal and conviction records.

What may you find in the criminal reports?

Each criminal report provided by our search tool will tell you if the person you inquire about has a warrant with his/her name on it. You will know if that person has ever spent time in jail/prison or whether he/she has ever been convicted in court and, thus, has a criminal record.

What may you find in the civil reports?

The civil part of each report fully reveals a person's marriage, divorce and death records. You will also be able to access property records and additional information which covers a person's aliases, social network, emails, relatives and more.

Where is the information derived from?

The search tool operated by is connected to multiple governmental and public databases that are updated constantly. All in all, our search tool has access to more than 2 billion records at any given time.

Is the information accurate?

Yes, our search tool derives its information from vast databases simultaneously and that promises maximum accuracy

Is the search confidential and safe?

Absolutely Yes. We do not deliver information to any third party whatsoever. While carrying out your search, you will not be required to disclose any personal information.

Payment is 100% secure. We do not store credit card numbers and do not share them with anyone.

It is important to note that your inquiry will remain strictly confidential. Neither the person you are checking nor anyone else will know about your inquiry.

What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, DISCOVER, Diners Club or PayPal.

How do I log into my account?

Go to the members area. Enter your username (email address) and password in the “Account Login” box. For additional assistance regarding logging into our members area, go to the support page.

Are there any limitations on using the search results?

Yes. You are not allowed to utilize the information you will get for purposes such as the following: a) Writing a news report. b) Causing physical or emotional damage to other people. c)  Obtaining information connected to adoption issues. d) Garnering information on celebrities, politicians or high ranking governmental employees. e) Checking whether a person is eligible for credit or insurance.

What do unlimited access / reports mean?

Unlimited access or reports will enable you to see all criminal and civil records and, therefore, get a full picture of a person background.

Can information about me be removed from the database?

Yes. You will need to issue a request through customer support using mail or fax. Verification of your identity and address will be required.

How can I cancel my trial?

Refer to the support link in the members area and ask to cancel your trial.

How can I terminate my subscription?

You can cancel the service any time by contacting us. Please bear in mind that you will be charged on a monthly basis. Any unused portion of the month will not refunded.