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Database Update on May 19, 2024

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Fulton County Warrant Search Fulton County Warrant Search Read these questions and answer to find out how to do Fulton County Warrant Search, Georgia. Learn how to check a person’s criminal background.
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How to Perform a Fulton County Warrant Search

Do you want to check whether you or any other person has a criminal history? The following questions and answers will tell you how to run a Fulton County Warrant Search.

What is the best way to find Fulton County outstanding warrants?

There is no official online tool that provides information on Fulton County warrants. So you will have to physically arrive at the sheriff office (185 Central Ave S.W., 9th Floor Atlanta, Georgia 30303, phone: 404-612-5100) and conduct your investigation in person. Unless we are talking about open cases under active police investigation, the sheriff staff is usually willing to share information on wanted suspects out of public safety considerations.

By the way, you can use the inmate information on the sheriff’s website also to garner information on Fulton County arrest records.

Another way to perform a Fulton County warrant search is to contact the County Clerk and inquire about court records (warrants are issued by the court). You have an online judicial dockets search at the Clerk’s website.

Which state’s resources can I use for a warrant lookup?

You can run a much wider Fulton County warrant search with the help of the state’s Felon Database operated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. You can use it to track a criminal background check on yourself or any other individual. Each search will cost you $15.

Why will I need to look for Fulton County arrest warrants?

If there is a court issued arrest order carrying your name, you can be incarcerated at any given moment without any notice. This can happen at work, at home or while you are with friends. So you had better run a Fulton County warrant search to be sure you have no unresolved issues with the law that may lead to unpleasant surprises.

In addition, you may want to check the criminal background of people that matter to you (for example, the nanny you hired for your kids or your employees) to keep you, your family or your business safe.

How exactly is a warrant issued?

When the police are interested in arresting a person, they will need to send a representative to the court house to submit an affidavit that contains sufficient evidence to establish a probable cause that the person in question has indeed committed a crime.

According to Georgia Code, the evidence must include objective indicators connecting that person to the crime, for example, a physical description that matches his appearance side by side with locating him at the scene when the crime took place.  A prior criminal record may work against a person marking him as a potential suspect.

At the end of the day, it is left for the judge to determine whether or not there is a probable cause. If he is convinced there is such a cause, he will sign the warrant and will make it legally valid. If he thinks that the police are guided by no more than a hunch, he will most likely not sign the warrant sending them to investigate further.

What details are included in arrest warrants?

All Fulton County arrest warrants appear with the suspect's name and a description of the crime he is suspected of. Sometimes bail amount will be specified as well.

Clerical errors, such as misspelling the suspect's name, can happen sometimes but they are not enough to get you off the hook. What you can and should do, however, is demand to see the warrant to make sure the police did not confused you with another person. It's quite rare but it can still happen.

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