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Georgia Warrant Search by County Georgia Warrant Search by County How to do a Georgia warrant search, and how to find arrest records and court dockets in each GA county specifically
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Guidelines for a Georgia Warrant Search

Interested in performing a background check either on yourself or others in Georgia? The following questions and answers will provide you with all you need to initiate a Georgia warrant search, track arrest records and find any other information related to a person’s criminal history.

1) How can I run a Georgia warrant search?

Our best recommendation is to focus on your local sheriff’s database. You will have to visit their office and ask for warrant information. In 99% of the cases, they will be willing to reveal this information out of public safety considerations while also hoping that cooperation with the public will help them in their criminal investigations.

2) Is there any online statewide database through which I can inquire about Georgia warrants?

The online Felon Search operated by the GTA will allow you to perform a criminal background check on any person in the state. Information arrives directly from the GBI. This will make sure any  Georgia warrant search will be accurate. Take into account, that this is a paid service. Each person searched require a fee of $15.

3) What is an arrest warrant and why should I search for it?

An arrest warrant authorizes the police to incarcerate a person for a crime he is suspected of. The police cannot issue a warrant by themselves. To become legally binding, a judge must sign it and he will do it only if he believes there is a probable cause that justifies depriving a person of his/her freedom.

Once issued, a warrant becomes valid indefinitely until the suspect is taken into custody. That means that if there is an outstanding warrant on your name, you can be arrested anytime and anywhere. For this reason, we strongly advise carrying out a Georgia warrant search to find out if you are at any risk (You definitely don’t want to be incarcerated while you are at work, on a date, with friends or even during a routine police road inspection).

4) Where can I find information on Georgia arrest records?

Go to the online inmate search tool maintained by the GDC and type a person’s name. You will be able to see the state’s prison records which include offender’s physical description, a mugshot and relevant incarceration details and history (e.g. case number, offense type, charges, offense date, conviction county, incarceration date, and sentence length)

5) Where can I search for jail records?

You have another option to search for Georgia arrest records. By turning to your local sheriff office you can extract information on people that spent time in the local county jail. Some of the sheriffs operate an electronic jail roster on their website. For example, you can find Cobb County arrest records here.

6)  Where can I look for Georgia court records?

To find criminal court dockets turn to your county Superior Court Clerk and ask for a case search. Georgia FOIA Laws obligate the authorities to reveal public records upon demand. However, a fee may be required to get access to these records.

Some Superior Court Clerks offer an online case search tool on their website. For instance, Gwinnet County court records can be accessed here.

7) Why would you need to perform a background check?

You are looking for a nurse for your elderly parents or a babysitter for your kids; you are about to hire a new employee; you are dating a new guy. These are everyday situations that necessitate a background check.

To make a long story short, running a Georgia warrant search as part of an overall background check is a must if you want to keep yourself, your loved ones and your business safe.

How can this website help you?

On this page, you will find a list that includes all of GA counties. By clicking on a county name, you will get clear instructions meant to help you perform an exact background check on a local level.

You will be told who you need to turn to in your county so as to get a full account of the criminal history of people that matter to you. This includes finding outstanding warrants and jail records and looking for criminal court dockets. 

To save you time, effort and money, the search box on this page will enable you to run a Georgia warrant search from the comfort of your home computer or on the go using your smartphone.

Just type a person's name and you will instantly get a full report revealing his/her complete criminal history. Results cover all of Georgia (and the rest of the nation in case the person you inquire about lives in another state). The data is derived from huge private and public sources to promise accuracy. Your anonymity is guaranteed. Search fees are low.