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Gordon County warrant search

Database Update on July 22, 2024

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Gordon County warrant search Gordon County warrant search How to perform a Gordon County warrant search and inmate lookup, GA. Find out about a person's criminal history using this website's accurate search tool.
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The Most Effective Way to Do a Gordon County Warrant Search

Performing a Gordon County warrant search is must if you want to check a person background. You will surely not want to hire a person for a job or a babysitter for your children  if he/she is wanted by the police.

In the following article, we will show you where and how you can obtain reliable warrant information on any person of interest to you.

The first place to begin your in inquiry

Your primary source for a Gordon County warrant search is the office of the sheriff as they are in charge of locating and apprehending wanted suspects and fugitives.

The sheriff's website does not contain an online warrant lookup tool. So you will have no choice but arrive at their office (2700 US Hwy. 41 NW, Calhoun, Georgia 30701, phone - 706-629-1244 or 706-879-5467 ) to inquire about a specific person.

Turning to the court

The court is where arrest warrants are signed before being issued, so it will make sense to use its archive for a Gordon County warrant search.

It is advisable to contact the Clerk of Court and file a request to view the criminal records in their possession. To do that, you will have to go to their office in person (100 South Wall Street, Calhoun, GA 30701, Phone: 706-629-9533). It is important that you know that Georgia FOIA Laws give every citizen the right to view official civil and criminal governmental documents upon request.

Inquiring about a person's arrest history

A Gordon County warrant search will not unfold any information about a person's incarceration history. To find out whether the one you inquire about has ever been apprehended and spent time behind bars, you will need to access official arrest records.

Gordon County arrest records can be sought using the inmate information page on the sheriff's website. You will be shown a list of current inmates including their names, physical description, Jail ID number, incarceration date, days spent in jail, DOB, arresting officer, bond amount, charges, warrant number, offense description and type, and the court where they were trialed.

You can also run a name-based search, so you won't need to go over the entire list trying to trace a specific person. If this online  information does not satisfy you, you can call the sheriff office and inquire about an individual inmate.

Broadening your search to the state level

The State of Georgia puts at your disposal two online criminal databases you can use for a background check:

1) The Felon Search operated by the GBI will allow you to get details about the criminal history of people that matter to you. Every name you will search will cost you $15. The information that will be presented to you encompasses all the state's counties.

2) The offender search tool operated by the GDC will present you with Georgia prison records and will assist you in locating current and past inmates in the state's correctional facilities.

This site's search tool

Another way of conducting a Gordon County warrant search is to use this site's criminal inquiry tool. You just need to type a name and you will get a full criminal history report related to the person being searched. Each report contains outstanding warrants, prison and  jail records, conviction records, criminal records, court dockets and more.

The reports cover the whole state. They are accurate and up to date. search fee is highly affordable. Searchers enjoy full confidentiality.

Useful links for a Gordon County Warrant search and inmate lookup

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