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Habersham County Warrant Search

Database Update on July 21, 2024

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Habersham County Warrant Search Habersham County Warrant Search This article explains how to perform a Habersham County warrant search, GA. Use this website's online tool to inquire about any person’s criminal history.
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How to Perform a Habersham County Warrant Search

Carrying out a Habersham County warrant search is more simple than you may think. All that is required of you to find out if a person of interest to you has a criminal history is to turn to certain governmental offices and ask to view the criminal records they store in their archives.

The following article will tell you exactly where you have to go and what you have to in order  to carry out a background check either on yourself or on any other person you know.

The first place you should go for a warrant search

To garner updated information on Habersham County warrants, you should visit the Warrant Division at the sheriff office (295 Llewellyn Street Suite 44, Clarkesville, Georgia 30523 phone: 706-839-0500). They are responsible for executing arrest orders and apprehending felons who have been charged with committing offenses in the county, so they will be able to tell you if a certain person is wanted by the police.

You can also contact Clarkesville Police Department in order to file an open record request. They can be reached at 706-754-5390.

As a general rule, police authorities will be willing to help you carry out a Habersham County warrant search by sharing information on wanted people and fugitives in the areas under their jurisdiction. From their point of view, working with the public may assist them in their criminal investigations. The only records they will keep sealed are those related to minors or to cases under active investigation.

Using court databases

In order to become legally binding, Habersham County warrants must be signed by a judge. The Clerk of Superior Court is responsible for processing and storing all court records, so their archives are a good place to inquire about arrest orders issued against people suspected of committing crimes.

You will not find any electronic search tool on the Clerk’s website, so your best option is to arrive at his office and file a formal FOIA request. Georgia Open Records Act obligates the authorities to reveal governmental documents in their possession upon public demand, criminal docket are included.

The Clerk is located at 295 Llewellyn Street, Suite 110 Clarkesville, GA 30523 (Phone: 706-839-0300 

Conducting an arrest search

A Habersham County warrant search will not tell you much about a person’s incarceration history. To inquire whether an individual has ever been taken into custody, you will need to obtain arrest records.

The sheriff’s website maintains an online database that will allow you to see all inmates that currently populate the local jail. Each electronic record contains an offender’s name and recent address, bodily description, gender, booking date, information on the crime he or she has committed and bond amount. 

Using State’s Databases

A Habersham County inmate lookup is local in scope and it does not cover correctional facilities in other places around the state. To perform a wider inquiry that will show you Georgia arrest records, refer to the GDC’s online offender search tool. You will be able to locate an inmate based on his/her name, gender, race, age, and most recent institution in case you know it.

The GBU puts at your disposal another effective online felon search tool that will enable you to conduct a criminal background check on people that are of interest to you or your business. Results include information from all law enforcement agencies throughout the state. Each person you will inquire about demands a fee of 15 dollars.

This website online inquiry tool

You can perform a Habersham County warrant search and a much broader background check using this website’s inquiry tool. Just type a name and you will get a thorough report that displays all types of police and criminal records issued against the person being searched.

The data is updated regularly to promise accuracy. Searchers’ anonymity is strictly observed. Service fees are highly affordable.