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Database Update on July 21, 2024

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Find Haralson County Arrest Records and Active Warrants Find Haralson County Arrest Records and Active Warrants The best way to find Haralson County arrest records and warrants, GA. Inquire about a person's criminal history using this website's background check tool.
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The Most Effective Way to Search for Haralson County Arrest Records and Warrants

Do you want to find out whether a certain person has ever been wanted by the law or served time in jail? This article explains how to carry out a criminal background check by finding Haralson County arrest records and outstanding warrants.

The first place to start your inquiry is the Sheriff's website. You will find there an online database through which you can trace detainees taken into custody in the last 30 days. Each electronic record is comprised of an inmate's name and physical attributes as well as his/her arrest date, the number of days spent in jail, bond amount, charge description and type, arrest warrant number and sentence.

To perform a more thorough Haralson County inmate search, you should refer to the Superior Court Clerk as they are in charge of processing and storing all criminal court records. These records include jail and prison sentences for felony and misdemeanor offenses.

The Clerk of Court also deals with arrest orders, so their records will shed light on Haralson county warrants. This is how you can discover whether a person that matters to you is a fugitive from justice and may, therefore, jeopardize you, your family or your business.

Under GA Open Records Act, you have the right to access court records. You will have to go to the Clerk's office (4485 GA Hwy. 120, Buchanan, Georgia 30113, phone: 770-646-2005) and submit a FOIA request. To read more about this procedure, visit the website of the Attorney General. You will also find there a form for submitting such a request.

Using broader statewide databases for your background check

Haralson County arrest records relate to the local level only. To carry out a wider Georgia arrest search, refer to the online offender query ( maintained by the GA Department of Corrections. It will help you trace offenders in prisons all over the state by name, by ID or by case number.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has a web-based felon search through which you can search for felony conviction records issued against a person you know and, thus, find out if he/she has been behind bars. You'll need to provide the subject's name and date of birth and pay $15.00 per inquiry.

To save you time and effort, there is one database which reveals everything you will want to know about a person's criminal history. This website's search tool will present you with an accurate and up to date background check report on any individual living in Georgia (and any other U.S. state). Each report consists of Haralson County arrest records, active warrants and court dockets as well as statewide prison and police records. The data also cover civil records. All searches are fully anonymous. Service fees are highly affordable.