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Perform a Harris County Warrant Search - Helpful Tips Perform a Harris County Warrant Search - Helpful Tips Learn how to conduct a Harris County warrant search and how to find arrest records, GA. Inquire about people you know using this site's background check tool.
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Inquire about a Person's Criminal History by Performing a Harris County Warrant Search

A Harris County warrant search will help you find out if a person is wanted by the police for a crime he/she has allegedly committed. Such a search is vital to make sure that person doesn't have a criminal history that may put you and those you hold dear at risk. The following article illustrates how to perform this search as well as how to find arrest records.

Inquiring about arrest warrants

Being the main law enforcement officer, the Sheriff should be the first you should turn to for information on warrants issued in the county. You should drop by his office (9825 GA-116, Hamilton, Georgia 31811, phone number: 706-628-4211) and ask whether the person that interests you is wanted by the police and whether there is an arrest order with his/her name on it.

You can also run a Harris County warrant search by turning to the police department in your city/town. Generally speaking, law enforcement agencies tend to share information on fugitives from justice for reason of public safety. However, if a case is currently under active investigation or if the suspect is a minor, no details will be revealed to private citizens.

Running an inmate search

To check if a person has ever served time in jail, you'll need to access Harris County arrest records. You cannot do that online as there is no official jail roster on the web. You can call the jail administrator at 706-628-4211 and ask whether a specific person has ever been confined in their facility. They may or may not give you the information you need.

A better way of running an inmate lookup is trying to obtain copies of Harris county criminal records. You'll have to go to the office of the Superior Court Clerk (102 North College St. Hamilton, GA 31811, phone number: 706-628-4944) and request access to the court dockets in their archives. The dockets contain information about a person's convictions and jail sentences. To get these dockets, you will have to make a FOIA request. For more details, we suggest referring to the website of the Attorney General.

You can also find some dockets on the internet. The Superior Court Clerk operates an online civil and criminal case search you will find on their website (see link below). This case search enables you to trace dockets issued by the Superior Court and the State Court based on number, subject's name or date.

Carrying out a broader Georgia background check

There are three search tools we strongly recommend for conducting a statewide criminal background check.

1) A Harris County warrant search will give you only local results. to expand your inquiry to other counties, use the online Felon Search operated by the GA Bureau of Investigation (GBI). It lets you check if a person has a criminal record all over the state. You will need to provide the subject's name and date of birth and pay $25.00 per search.

2)  To view electronic copies of Georgia arrest records, utilize the offender search tool maintained by the GDC. You can trace inmates confined in prisons scattered all over the state. You can also search parolees.

3) This website puts at your disposal an advanced background check tool. You just need to insert an individual's name and you will be given a report unfolding his/her entire criminal history. Each report contains outstanding warrants, jail and prison records, police records, court issued dockets and even civil records. The information is derived from vast governmental and private data banks and, then, cross-referenced to ensure maximum accuracy. Searchers' anonymity is guaranteed. You will be surprised by the low service fees.

Online sources for a Harris County warrant search:

The Sheriff's website

City of Hamilton Public Safety

Pine Mountain Police

The Superior Court Clerk