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Jackson County Warrant Search

Database Update on May 19, 2024

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Jackson County Warrant Search Jackson County Warrant Search Carry out a Jackson County warrant search, GA. Use this website's search tool to inquire about a person's criminal history. Find arrest records & court records
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How to Perform a Jackson County Warrant Search

Do you suspect that there is a warrant for your arrest or that someone you know is wanted by the police? The following article will explain to you bit by bit how to perform a Jackson County warrant search using the resources made available to you in Georgia. So let's begin...

Finding Jackson County warrants

The first place to run a Jackson County warrant search is the sheriff. Unfortunately, apart from a short most wanted list,  their website does not contain any warrant lookup tool. That means you will have to go their office in person to inquire about a specific person.

The office is located on 555 Stan Evans Drive, Jefferson, GA 30549, phone number: 706-367-8718. Once you reach there, we recommend looking for the Criminal Investigations Division as they are the ones who actively investigate crimes and are in charge of tracing and apprehending fugitives. To save time, you can email them ( and set a meeting in advance.

Does the sheriff provide information on Jackson County warrants? The answer is generally yes as they hope that people will provide them with substantial tips about the whereabouts of fugitives. Besides, sharing warrant information is essential to public safety. There is one exception, though. If a case is currently actively investigated, the sheriff may be reluctant to reveal any information that may jeopardize the investigation.

Turning to the Clerk of Court

You can conduct a Jackson County warrant search by turning directly to the court. This approach makes much sense as warrants cannot be issued without the court validating them.

The Clerk of Court operates an online search tool that gives access to the county's criminal court records. You will need to fill out some indentifying details (case number, name, alias, citation, etc.) and you will be connected to databases maintained by the Superior and State Court.

If you don't find what you need, you may turn to the Clerk's office either through the phone or in person (5000 Jackson Parkway, Suite 150, Jefferson, GA 30549, Ph: 706-387-6246) and ask for more information of Jackson County court records. The Georgia Open Records Act obligates the authorities to reveal their records to the public.

Using state's databases

A Jackson County warrant search will give you only local results. If you want to conduct a criminal background check that will encompass the whole state, refer to the GA Felon Search powered by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. It will allow you to trace a person's criminal history all over the state. Each inquiry demands a fee of $15.

Carrying out an arrest search

Do you want to find out if a person that matters to you has ever spend time in jail? There is no official online jail rooster available to the public, so  your best option to inquire about Jackson County arrest records is to contact the sheriff's Jail Division and ask for information about a specific detainee.

Alternatively, the Georgia Department of Corrections has an electronic offender search through which you can locate an inmate in the state's prisons. This tool also includes a parolee search.

Using this website's advanced search option

To find all the information you need about a person's background, we highly recommend using the search tool offered by this website.

It will help you run a Jackson County warrant search and much more. Type the subject's name and you will get a full account of his/her criminal history in the entire state, including outstanding warrants, prison and jail records, court records, etc. The data is accurate and up to date. Searchers' anonymity is guaranteed.

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