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Database Update on May 19, 2024

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Simple Guidelines for a Lee County Warrant Search Simple Guidelines for a Lee County Warrant Search Learn how to perform a Lee County warrant search and find arrest records, GA. Use this site to run criminal background checks on people that interest you.
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Conducting a Lee County Warrant Search - All You Need to Know

A Lee County warrant search can tell you whether a person is wanted by the police. This article explains how to perform such a search. You will also be explained how to trace a person's incarceration history.

How to inquire about arrest warrants

The Sheriff is your primary source for a criminal background check. His website does not contain any viable information, so you will have to arrive at his office (located at 119 Pinewood Road, Leesburg, Georgia 31763, phone: 229-759-6012) and inquire whether the person that interests you appears in the county's wanted people list.

You can also perform a Lee County warrant search at your local police station (for example Leesburg Police). They will usually be willing to share with you information about fugitives from justice in their area of jurisdiction unless the case in hand is under active investigation, which requires confidentiality, or it involves minors.

Running an arrest search

To find Lee County arrest records, you should contact the local jail (phone number: 229-759-3334) and ask for information on current or past detainees. There is no guarantee they will give you the information you need, so your second option is to access criminal court records since these records detail a person's convictions and jail sentences.

Lee Counties court records can be obtained from the Clerk of the Superior Court. You will have to visit their office (100 Leslie Highway, Leesburg, GA 31763, phone: 229- 759-6018/19) and file a FOIA request. The website of the Attorney General explains more about this request.

Using statewide electronic databases

To conduct a comprehensive search for Georgia arrest records, go to the online offender locator tool managed by the GA Department of Corrections. It lets you trace an inmate in prisons all over the state by his/her name, ID or case number. Each electronic record shown to you contains a mugshot, the inmate's personal details and physical description, incarceration details (crime commit date, booking date and sentence length), case number and offense description (e.g. armed robbery).

The GBI operates an online Felon Search you can use to obtain copies of criminal records issued in all of GA counties against people that matter to you. You will need to provide  the subject's name and date of birth and pay $25.00 per search.

Finally you can conduct a Lee County warrant search as well as get a wider report containing person's full criminal history using this website's search tool. You do not need more than a the subject's name and a small fee to learn whether he/she has unresolved issues with the law. All the reports are highly accurate and up to date. Each and every search you will carry out is 100% anonymous.