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Liberty County Warrants

Database Update on December 09, 2023

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Liberty County Warrants Liberty County Warrants Guidelines for inquiring about Liberty County warrants and arrests, GA. Carry out a full criminal background check using this website's accurate search tool.
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Where and How to Search for Liberty County Warrants

Liberty County warrants give law enforcement agencies the right to apprehend a suspect at any given moment. For this reason, it is important that you check whether your name (or the name of any other person you care about) appears on an outstanding arrest warrant. This article will show you how you can check it in the most accurate way possible.

The first place to conduct your inquiry

The sheriff is in charge of executing Liberty County warrants and so you should conduct your inquiry through his office. We suggest filing an open record request to obtain criminal background information. This can be done by calling the Record Division at 912-876-4555 or by sending an email to

The sheriff's policy is to share warrant information with the citizens out of practical considerations of public safety.

Turning to the court

Another way to run a Liberty County warrant search is to turn directly to the court where all warrants are signed (by a judge) and released.

Relevant warrant information should be sought at the office of the Clerk of Court. The Clerk's stuff won't do background checks for you, but at their office (201 South Main Street, Suite 1200, Hinesville, Georgia 31313, phone: 912-876-3625), you will find search terminals where you can obtain local criminal history information.

Conducting an arrest search

 Liberty County warrants cannot tell you if the individual you are checking has an arrest history. To inquire about a person's prior arrests, you will need to turn to the sheriff again.

His website displays online records of current detainees. Each record contains an inmate's name, incarceration date, the number of days spent in jail and bond amount.

To find older Liberty County arrest records, try to contact the jail. Their phone number is 912-876-6411. They will probably be willing to tell you about past inmates unless the case consists of sensitive data that requires confidentiality (for example, a minors are involved).

Using the state's databases

Liberty County warrants can be searched by referring to the Georgia Felon Search. Operated by the GBI, This is a much broader online database that allows you to  inquire about an individual's criminal history all over Georgia. Each name you will inquire about demands a $15 search fee.

The GA Department of Corrections operates a web-based inmate search tool where you can inquire about Georgia prison records and the status of parolees. Each prisoner's name appears with GDC ID, physical description, incarceration details (offense description, booking date, maximum possible release date and the institution where the inmate serves time) and a mugshot.

Sex offender search

To find out if a certain person has a history of sexual violence, refer to the Georgia Sex Offender Registry. Former sex offenders or predators can be traced according to offender and offense type, name, gender, race, county, address and distance from it.

This website's criminal database

You can search for Liberty County warrants and arrests using the database this site offers. Type an individual's name and you will get an extensive report displaying his/her full criminal history.

The report includes arrest warrant issued in Georgia, criminal records, jail records, court dockets, a person's prior convictions and sex offenses. The data is highly accurate as it is updated regularly. Searchers' confidentiality is strictly observed. The prices for this service are affordable.