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Polk County Warrant Search - Step by Step Guidelines Polk County Warrant Search - Step by Step Guidelines Learn how to perform a Polk County Warrant search and find arrest records, GA. Check a person's criminal background using this site's electronic search tool.
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Clear Instructions for Carrying out a Polk County Warrant Search

In face of rising crime rates, it will be wise to make sure people around you do not have a criminal history that may endanger you, your family members or the business you have built. Performing a criminal background check is not as difficult as you may think. This article gives you all the information you need for a Polk County warrant search. You will also be shown how to find arrest records.

Does a person you know is wanted by the police?

To access Polk County warrants so as to find out whether a person you know is wanted by the police, turn to the sheriff. There is no online information available to you, so you will need to physically go to their office (676 Rockmart Hwy, Cedartown, Georgia 30125, phone:770-749-2900) and  inquire about the people that concern you.

You can also contact Cedartown Police Department and ask about fugitives and crime suspects in their area of jurisdiction. We suggest calling their Record Unit directly at 470-999-307 and 470-999-3062.  

Another source for a Polk County warrant search is the court since this is where warrants are issued after they are signed by a judge. The Clerk of Superior Court handles criminal cases so you should turn to their office and file a request to view the criminal records they store in their archives. Georgia Open Records Act gives you the right to view copies of most governmental dockets. To read more about this right go to the website of the  Attorney General.

Expanding your background check to additional counties

If you intend to inquire about the background of people living and working not only close to you but also in other counties, a Polk County warrant search won't help you much since it is limited to the local level. The Georgia online felon search tool operated by the GBI will give you criminal background information (including conviction records) on people that interest you. This information encompasses all of GA counties. Each person you will search will cost you 15 dollars.

Conducting an arrest search

To find out if people you interact with on a daily basis have ever been incarcerated, you will have to get access to Polk County arrest records. The local jail does not offer an online inmate search option, so your best option is to call the jail stuff directly and ask about the person you check. Their phone number is 470-466-3098

To garner information online, you can use the web-based offender database maintained by the state's DOC. It presents Georgia arrest records by name searched. Each records unfolds an inmate's personal details plus a mugshot, case number, incarceration date and release, offense description (including crime committed date) and the exact facility where he serves his time.

Using this website's database

If you want to perform an accurate Polk County warrant search, we recommend utilizing this website's searchable database. Inset a person's name and you will get a statewide (and nationwide) criminal history report detailing all his arrests and convictions including outstanding warrants carrying his name. The information you will receive is up-to-date. Searchers' anonymity is fully guaranteed. Service fee is surprisingly low.