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Database Update on May 19, 2024

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Carry out a Ware County Warrant Search Carry out a Ware County Warrant Search Learn how to carry out a Ware County warrant search and find arrest records, GA. Use this website for a background check on any person in Georgia & the U.S.
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Performing a Ware County Warrant Search

To find out if people that matter to you have a criminal history,  you'll need to do a Ware County warrant search. We also recommend carrying out an inmate lookup to find out if the one you are checking has ever been incarcerated.

Your sources for a warrant search:

1) The Sheriff can tell you if a person is wanted for a crime and if there is a warrant for his or her arrest. There is no governmental online database showing Ware County warrants, so you will have to go to the Sheriff Office, located at 3487 Harris Road, WayCross GA 31503 (phone: 912-287-4326), to get the information you need.

3) To inquire about Georgia warrants, use the computerized criminal database maintained by the GA Bureau Of Investigation. For 25 dollars, you can check if a person you know has unresolved issues with the law or whether there are conviction records on his/her name. For more information, go here.

Your sources for finding arrest records:

1) To conduct a Ware County inmate search, use the jail roster on the Sheriff's website. It present names and personal details of current detainees plus warrant number, incarceration date, days in jail, bond and offense type and description.

2) The Superior Court Clerk stores criminal court records that can provide information on a person's convictions and jail sentences. You should visit their office and file a FOIA request to view these records. Their address is 800 Church St. Waycross, Georgia 31501, phone: 912-287-4340. For more information on how to file a FOIA request, you should visit the website of the Attorney General.

3) This website puts at your disposal an advanced online tool through which you can anonymously run a Ware County warrant search. By entering a name, you will get an accurate criminal history report showing outstanding warrants, arrest records, police records and even civil record related to the person you are inquiring about.