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Search for Wayne County Warrants and Arrest Records Search for Wayne County Warrants and Arrest Records The easiest and most effective way to find Wayne County warrants and arrest records, Georgia. Use this website's accurate criminal background check tool.
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How and Where You Can Find Wayne County Warrants and Arrest Records

 Do you want to check whether people that interest you have ever had problems with the law? The best way to do it is to search for Wayne County warrants and arrest records. The lines below show you exactly how to conduct such a search. In other words, you will be shown who you have to turn to and where you have to go to obtain information on a person's criminal records.

Performing a warrant search

To find out if people that you know are wanted by the police, you should contact the Sheriff. They enable private people to perform a background check on themselves or issue an open record request to obtain information on criminal cases. This information includes Wayne County warrants and arrest reports. There is a special form you will have to submit. It can be downloaded on the Sheriff's website. For more details, call 912-427-5970.

Inquring about a person's incarceration history

As mentioned a few lines above, an open record request made through the sheriff Office can shed light on Wayne County arrest records. What you can also do is contact the jail and ask about a specific inmate. Their phone number is 912-427-5975, and they are located at 1892 South Macon St. Jesup Georgia 31545.

The jail administration will most likely won't have any problem sharing information with you regarding current inmates. To inquire about past inmates, we recommend obtaining Wayne County court records. These records include details on a person's convictions in court and, as a result of these convictions, the jail sentences that he/she got.

You should turn to the Superior Court Clerk (174 N Brunswick St. Jesup, GA 31546, phone: 912-427-593) and file a FOIA request to view copies of criminal records. Georgia Open Records Act gives you the right to access court dockets whether civil or criminal.

Using statewide databases

There are three databases that will help you run a statewide background check:

1) The GA Department of Corrections operates an online offender search you can use to trace an inmate in correctional facilities all over the state based on his/her name. This tool also presents parolees.

2) The GBI maintains a web-based felon search that lets you inquire about the people that matter to you. You will need to provide a person's full name and date of birth. Each search comes with a fee of 25 dollars.

3) This website's search tool provides criminal history reports based on names of individuals you will insert. Each report encompasses Wayne County warrants and outstanding arrest orders issued by local and state authorities. You will also get access to statewide and nationwide criminal records, prison record, police records and court dockets. The data is accurate and up to date. Searchers' anonymity is guaranteed. Service fees are highly affordable.